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B.J. Raji

ICYMI in NFL's Week 9: Packers struggling; Newton's Cats 8-0

Wasn't all that long ago that Aaron Rodgers was thought to be on his way to a second consecutive NFL MVP award, while his Green Bay Packers were unbeaten and, some folks were certain, headed for the Super Bowl.

Now? Well, the Packers are fighting amongst themselves, they can't win — indeed, can't even stay close to opponents at times — and Rodgers is throwing for a grand total of 77 yards one week, then, by his own admission, failing to see a wide-open receiver in the end zone with a game's outcome in the balance the next.

Suddenly, it's the Carolina Panthers who are way out front in the NFC at 8-0, and it's their quarterback, Cam Newton, who is generating MVP...