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Week 8: Brad Biggs' NFL power rankings

Week 8: Brad Biggs' NFL power rankings

Last week in parentheses.

1. Broncos 5-1 (1): Overlooked in hoopla surrounding Peyton Manning record was fact they crushed 49ers in every phase.

2. Eagles 5-1 (4): Chip Kelly with extra week to prepare for trip to face talented Cardinals should make for compelling viewing.

3. Cowboys 6-1 (6): DeMarco Murray missed 11 games in 2011-13 but he has been a horse and is on pace for 2,086 yards.

4. Colts 5-2 (7): A.J. Green or not, Mighty impressive to shut out Bengals, forcing them to punt on 11 of first 12 possessions.

5. Patriots 5-2 (5): Tom Brady 3-0 vs. Bears and has had extra time to prepare after narrow Thursday...