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UConn's Mason Feole Brings 'Full-Speed' Mentality To USA Baseball

UConn's Mason Feole Brings 'Full-Speed' Mentality To USA Baseball

It only took USA Baseball collegiate national team coach Paul Mainieri a few days to pinpoint Mason Feole’s personality type.

“Do you ever do anything not at full speed?” Mainieri asked.

Feole just laughed.

“No, not really, that’s kind of who I am,” he responded.

But Mainieri likes that. The veteran LSU coach is the son of an Italian immigrant, and as he said, his heritage takes pride in “giving it everything we’ve got.”

Feole wears his emotions like a badge of honor when he’s on the mound. He’s aggressive. He throws strikes, and he’s sure not afraid to go after a batter. So, really, it’s no surprise that he wound up on Mainieri’s 24-man roster.