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Thabo Sefolosha

Hawks announce acquisition of Tiago Splitter

The Hawks officially added Tiago Splitter to their roster and gave up next to nothing. The team announced the acquisition of the center in a trade with the Spurs on Thursday. The deal was agreed to last week during the NBA moratorium, which ended Thursday. The Hawks traded only the rights for 2007 second-round pick Georgios Printezis and a top-55 protected 2017 second-round pick. Printezis was obtained in the Thabo Sefolosha sign-and-trade with the Thunder last year. He plays for Olympiacos in Europe. The Hawks will only surrender the rights to the 2017 second-round pick if it falls from 56-60. Moments after the trade was announced, Splitter reacted on social media. In a Twitter post,...