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Kevin Ollie

UConn Had Brimah On Fast Track For Recovery

UConn Had Brimah On Fast Track For Recovery

ORLANDO, Fla. – Rarely do players recover from injuries in the time frame teams set out, so when Amida Brimah broke the middle finger of his right hand on Dec. 22, and had surgery two days later, it was bleak for UConn.

They said it would be six to eight weeks. But athletic trainer James Doran set a goal shortly after that to help get Brimah back a little sooner, and Brimah's return came five weeks, three days after Dr. Craig Rodner at UConn Health placed six small screws in the bone.

"Being that the bone was screwed together real nicely, the hand surgeon did a great job, we were able to be a lot more aggressive with the rehab," Doran said. "We were able...