Demetri McCamey

Deposed Illinois coach won't be forgotten

Deposed Illinois coach won't be forgotten

Good is not great enough.

Just ask Bruce Weber.

Weber couldn't sustain greatness at Illinois. He reached it, lost it, tried for it, prayed for it, approached it but couldn't sustain it. Something always was missing. So athletic director Mike Thomas, whose tenure resembles a Quentin Tarantino movie, axed him before the NIT. It had to happen.

Was the consistent failure to sustain greatness Weber's fault? Perhaps. But maybe he had a few tough breaks. Here are a few post-Dee Brown what-ifs.

2006-07: What if Jamar Smith and Brian Carlwell didn't play power hour with tequila on the night of Feb. 12? What if Smith, a Big Ten All-Freshman selection,...