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Shelby Miller

Cardinals get in their work, but don't score any runs in losses to Braves

ATLANTA _ The Cardinals clinched the division title on Wednesday and they'll open the division series on Friday.tmpplchld That is also the length of time between runs scored.tmpplchld The Atlanta Braves blanked the Cardinals over the weekend, concluding the regular-season finale with a 2-0 victory Sunday afternoon. The Braves outscored the Cardinals, 8-0, in the doubleheader Sunday, and they outscored the Cardinals, 12-0, in the three-game visit. The Cardinals had other priorities.tmpplchld In their first 26 innings at the plate, the Cardinals sent three or four batters up 23 times. They only got one runner to third base on Sunday.tmpplchld In 18 innings.tmpplchld It...