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Roger Clemens

Markakis looks like he's just been cast in a Wes Anderson movie. That's the kind of hair that wins championships. You could hide a half-ton of Orioles magic in there, easy.

Rejoice, rejoice, Spring is here! Sure the calendar owners out there will scoff and claim March 20th is the first day of Spring. Well, fie, I say. Spring is more than just some day on a calendar made of science. And the weather channel Freak-Os will point to the roughly 1,400 feet of snow that fell in the last fortnight and swear winter is still outside their windows. Well I'm hear to tell you those folk are wrong, and I only have to point as far as Sarasota, Florida, where the Orioles recently began Spring Training. See? It's got Spring right there in the first word. Yeah, I know I've already said don't get your hopes up: The O's haven't done much to get better...