Craig Gentry

Sitting out not for Angels star Mike Trout

Sitting out not for Angels star Mike Trout

The Angels need Mike Trout to be an iron man. Fortunately for them, he plans to play every game this season.

“That’s the goal,” he said.

Trout has played in 107 consecutive games, 45 this season.

He ranks as the most valuable player in the major leagues, based on the WAR (wins above replacement) statistic at He had a 3.0 WAR entering play Monday; no one else on the Angels had a WAR above 1.0.

Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles was the only major leaguer to play in every game last season.

Trout, 24, has never sat out more than five games in a full major league season. He said he never has asked for a day off.

“I think it’s just...