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Alex Avila

Yordano Ventura overwhelms Tigers, Royals bats come alive in 12-1 drubbing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Yordano Ventura trotted toward the mound with clipped strides, like a kid conserving energy for a fitness test. Ventura has always trafficked in deception, with his slight frame obscuring the fire stored in his right arm and his stony expression concealing the pride bubbling beneath the surface. In the third inning of Wednesday's 12-1 pummeling of Detroit, Ventura faced the sort of roadblock over which he stumbled so often earlier this season. Umpire Quinn Wolcott had just warned both benches after Ventura and Tigers starter Randy Wolf each hit batters. Each inside pitch would be scrutinized, and the Royals have worried all season that Ventura feared such scrutiny....