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Adam Dunn

White Sox have need, resources for bold moves

White Sox have need, resources for bold moves

PHOENIX — If any team in baseball needs to make a splash this winter, it's the White Sox.

They have money to spend, an urgency to win and a fan base that has proved time and again it won't support a loser — and sometimes not even a winner.

So what's the biggest way to show the South Side you're serious?

Bringing in a big-name starter, at least two dependable relievers and a quality bat to protect Jose Abreu, the new face of the franchise.

So give us your best cannonball, Rick Hahn, and shock the baseball world the way Ken Williams did bringing in guys such as Bartolo Colon, David Wells, Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn.

OK, bad examples, but you get the drift:...