Andrew Weibrecht

With 4 babies on tour, the US Ski Team resembles a nursery

Diaper bags and baby backpacks are in just as much demand as skis, boots and poles on the U.S. Alpine team this season.

So is a good night's sleep.

Four members of the men's squad — two skiers and two coaches — welcomed newborns into their families in the offseason. Add in Andrew Weibrecht's daughter, Adalina, who was born two years ago, and it often makes the team hotel resemble a day care center.

"The team life is shifting gears," said Steven Nyman, the captain of the downhill squad.

Nyman's girlfriend, Charlotte Moats, gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Nell, in June. Later that month, Ted Ligety's wife, Mia, had a son named Jax.