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Proposition 8 (California, 2010)

A 'particularly special week' for San Francisco's Pride Parade

A 'particularly special week' for San Francisco's Pride Parade

As active members of the gay-straight alliance at Napa High School, Carley Solberg and her friends fought hard for this moment, when acceptance would feel a little more real. When they could hope to marry just like their heterosexual friends, with full benefits. And on Sunday, the recent graduates celebrated with a throng of tens of thousands of others at San Francisco's 45th annual Pride Parade. Gay and straight, tourists and beaming Bay Area natives, festooned in flags, a handful of them nude, revelers joined for a day made all the more special by Friday's historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Two of Solberg's friends, in rainbow attire, shimmied...