'Dexter' recap, 'What's Eating Dexter Morgan?'

'Dexter' recap, 'What's Eating Dexter Morgan?'

When a cannibal is your smallest problem, you know you've got issues.

The allusions run heavy tonight. Too much of Harrison's beloved popsicles make him sick. Too much of Dexter makes Deb ...? But the more important question is, how did Harrison make that big of a mess? Harrison must have melted at least half of the box to make Dexter think Harrison had bled out. Didn't anyone teach the kid table manners?

But Dexter's too focused on the case to worry about such trivial things. Sussman's body went from hung up on a hook to appearing as a suicide by shotgun. As before, bits of brain matter are gift wrapped to Dr. Vogel, but this time there's a box for Dexter.

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