* Musicians cook for viewers on Womad's Taste the World

* Stage brings flavours of Iran, Sweden, Cyprus to

* Audience take part in live Q&A on music, culture, food

By Jan Harvey

CHARLTON PARK, England, July 29 (Reuters) - In their native
Iran, Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat are best known for their soaring
voices, flawless harmonies and dedication to the art of singing
in the face of tough restrictions on public performances by

But on a Sunday morning last weekend in the Wiltshire region
of southwestern England, Mahsa's chief preoccupation was the
correct sourcing of dried plums.

"These are from eastern Iran, from a village near the
desert," she told host Roger de Wolf and the assembled crowd at
Taste the World stage at Womad, a festival of traditional music
and dance, as she unwrapped the fruit, brought with her from the
Middle East. "They're sourer than others."