By Alonso Duralde

LOS ANGELES ( - (Note: Every so often a movie
comes along that's nearly impossible to describe without
spoiling, so I'll do my best to explain "The One I Love" in the
vaguest terms possible.)

"The One I Love" stars Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass as
Sophie and Ethan, a couple who has seen its relationship go from
exciting and passionate to dull and routine. It's not just
familiarity that has bred contempt between them: Ethan was
unfaithful once, and Sophie has yet to forgive him. At the same
time, she has habits and walls of her own, so she's hardly
blameless for their current malaise.

At the advice of their therapist (Ted Danson), the two of
them spend a weekend at a beautiful country house in hopes of
reconnecting. What they find on the grounds is far more than
they'd expected, and it becomes less clear whether the vacation
will be the best or worst thing possible for their relationship.

Director Charlie McDowell and writer Justin Lader, both
making impressive feature debuts, lull us into expecting a