By Alonso Duralde

LOS ANGELES ( - For its first third or so, "The
November Man" is a perfectly serviceable spy thriller, a sort of
take-your-dad alternative to "The Hundred-Foot Journey," a
take-your-mom movie if ever there was one. Both feature a
beloved UK movie star, and both shamble along pleasantly from
expected beat to expected beat.

Like "Journey," "November Man" also goes off the rails, but
its desperation surfaces earlier. You can tell that veteran
director Roger Donaldson ("The Bank Job," "No Way Out") senses
that he's losing his audience when the music starts getting
louder and the blood spray gets more slow motion-y.

Pierce Brosnan stars as Peter Devereaux, and when you've got
a name like that, "spy" is pretty much your only career path. We
first meet him in Montenegro in 2008, where he cautions his
younger protégé David Mason (Luke Bracey, "Monte Carlo") against
forming attachments with women who could later fall prey to his
enemies. ("If you want a relationship," warns Devereaux, "buy a