NFL Team Report - Jacksonville Jaguars - INSIDE SLANT

Coach Gus Bradley of the Jacksonville Jaguars was pleased with the way his players showed they can handle success Wednesday in their first practice since recording their initial victory of the season over Cleveland last Sunday.

Bradley was looking for the same intensity in practice they showed when they lost their first six games.

"I was watching to see,"' he said. "They had a really good demeanor (with) the way they approached the day. It was similar to other weeks, though.

"It wasn't like it was all (different). It was just the same approach, the same mindset, so it was really good. They really worked hard. It was a good work day for us."

When Bradley was asked to be specific, he said: "Simple things, as far as hitting our calls and getting our checks and things like that. They did a really good job with that and taking ownership of it.

"I am sure that the meetings were even more attention because of it, especially in the linebacker's meetings rooms (because of the injury to Paul Posluszny).

"Like I said, it was a difficult scheme (that Miami plays). It's a typical Wednesday and we've got to work through things."

The Jaguars will have to show Sunday if they can get their second home victory in a row.

It might be good news for the Jaguars that for the second week in a row they are playing a three-win AFC team that is coming off a lopsided victory and is favored by about five points.

Last week, they faced the Cleveland Browns (3-2), who had beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-10, the previous week and were favored by five and one-half points.

The Browns lost, 24-6, and coach Mike Pettine said after the game that the Browns weren't completely focused and ready to play.

This Sunday, the Jaguars will host the Miami Dolphins (3-3), who beat the Chicago Bears, 27-14, last week and are favored by five points.

Miami might be more focused than Cleveland was because the Jaguars were winless a week ago. Now they've shown they can beat a team that makes mistakes.

And Bradley also wants the Jaguars to play better.

"I talked to them today about, 'Just because we had a win, there's something else missing," Bradley said. "I think some of the guys felt like we didn't play our best.

"For example, a guy like Blake Bortles. Yes, we won the game but there's emptiness inside of him because he didn't play his best game. To me, that's victory and we're striving to get everybody to be at their best, then the results will come.

"It was a good message for them and it's the same for the offensive line. Good job, but we need to get better. We're not there yet."

After the Miami game, the Jaguars play three tough games in a row. They go to Cincinnati and then fly directly to London to play Dallas and have their bye week and then go to Indianapolis.