Some call Jillian Michaels, "America's Toughest Trainer", but beyond that the Biggest Loser coach is also a wealth of knowledge. She has authored several books, put out various exercise DVDs and has been an advocate for consumer awareness. Sadly, Jillian Michaels has put her radio show on hold for an indefinite amount of time. That being said, there is a healthy dose of her tough love still available for download thanks to the magic that is archiving. All of her shows are free and can be found on iTunes (search for KFI Sunday) or on the radio station's website.

Jillian's program focuses on every aspect of healthy living. She not only talks about diet and fitness but also mental health and dealing with emotional stress in healthy ways. You may even find yourself chuckling. Her podcasts are great to listen to on your commute but they are also great to lose yourself in while exercising.

Verdict: Download and listen pronto! Click here to go to the KFI iTunes page.