At Home Help for Dialysis Patients
Thousands of people undergoing dialysis could benefit from doing their own dialysis in the comfort of their own homes. Daily home dialysis with a small, FDA-cleared machine is available for many people who have had kidney failure. People like retired police officer Jon Dial who was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease.

In January 2008, Jon's kidneys failed completely and he was forded to begin dialysis to sustain his life. Before he started dialysis he says he could hardly get off the recliner, he was tired and fatigued all the time.

Once on regular hemo-dialysis he started feeling much better but it took a lot of his time and energy to go to the dialysis center three time sa week and sit there for at least four hours at a time for the treatment. But then he found out you could do it inside his own home.

After a training program with nurses at DaVita UCLA at Home, Jon can now give himself dialysis when he wants it, not when the dialysis center can fit him in. He says it's so much more convenient.

He no longer has to take the time to drive to UCLA, pay for parking, wait in the waiting room for his turn and then sit in the chair for four hours. Now he can do it home while watching his favorite television shows.

And since he gets dialysis more frequently, six time a week for about two hours at a time, he says the side effects like fatigue and nausea are less.

Jon says he feels better than ever, he's even working out again. He's grateful his doctor recommended the home machine. However there are so many people who don't even know a home machine is available.

Michelle Bullock, a registered nurse with DaVita At Home Los Angeles says they hope to spread about the home hemo-dialysis machine. Because she says as soon as people hear about it they want to learn more and often chose it for themselves because it improves the quality of their lives.

The home dialysis machine is small enough that patients can even travel with it. And it is covered by most insurance. For more information go to