Biggest Loser Season 9
This week's episode of The Biggest Loser was the beginning of some real competition. The gloves are off and the contestants aren't afraid of speaking their minds to each other.

At the beginning of the show, we were able to check in with the two teams who were sent home on the first day. It looks like they're working hard and not going out without a fight. For those of us watching at home it is great to see the determination on their faces.

On the ranch, the teams are met with a temptation challenge and also given their weekly challenge. Switching things up - there would only be one player per team weighing in to decide who was above the yellow line. Basically, one team member would be the student and the other, the teacher. It was the teacher's job to learn from Bob and Jillian and bring their knowledge to the students who were unable to work out with the trainers for the week. The students would then weigh-in at the end of the week to see who did the best.

The two contestants whose family members were sent home were put together - brown and purple (not my favorite color combination). The temptation they were given was whoever ate the most chocolate was allowed to pick who was what role on each team.

In the end, it was the Pink mother/daughter team of Sherry & Ashley who would end up the winners and they only needed to eat 10 calories worth of chocolate in order to do so. In an act of kindness, the team actually picked the best players for each role. Hopefully this will help keep them on the ranch longer.

Migdalia, from the Green team, was obviously upset - to the point of being called out by the trainers. When they made it to the gym, Jillian eventually had to try to break her down in an effort for her to confront her emotions and the causes of her weight gain instead of just burying it. When she walks away and threatens to quit the show, Jillian sends her mother after her. When that doesn't seem to help, Jillian sends Bob's sensitivity training into the room to bring her back. They are a real "Bump. Set. Spike." team.

In the gym, the teachers are pushing their students to the limit and making them sweat. They made me feel incredibly lazy as I sat on the couch drinking a dirty martini and eating spaghetti squash. When Mike, our biggest contestant ever, hits the screen, I no longer feel too badly about my lack of exercise as it seems he's been avoiding it as well. The other contestants are noticing a lack of focus and true drive to be there from him. He isn't pushing himself to the intensity he should be and it is bothering those who really want to be there.

The final challenge was a ridiculously difficult one. The teams were given spools of ribbon; one partner was blindfolded and the other had to wind their ribbon around a playground. What the contestants didn't know, is their partner was going to have to de-tangle their own ribbon and many of them ended up going above and beyond the call of knotting duty - thus making things more difficult for themselves. The winner of the challenge won immunity and the ability to switch which member of the different teams would weigh in.

The Gray team was victorious but they didn't let their immunity control their loss on the scale. Instead of "rigging the scale" with a low weight-loss to ensure a larger percentage loss the following week, they still kicked butt and took names. At the weigh-in, they switched the White (Mike and Maria) team's teacher and student for the weigh-in.

The Results

Gray Team Sam lost 11 and Koli lost 13

Green Team Miggy lost 7 and Migdalia lost 8

Black Team Darrrell lost 12 and Andrea lost 7

Orange Team Cheryl lost 7 and Daris lost 9

Brown and Purple Team John lost 14 and Stephanie lost 7

Red Team Melissa lost 1 and Lance lost 12. This sparked controversy because Melissa is obviously playing the game - which does not please Bob and Jillian. To make matters worse, she isn't owning up to rigging her scale. Truth be told, she is my least favorite contestant this year. I'm hoping her meddling will backfire sometime soon.

Gray Team Michael lost 10 and Maria lost 4 pounds. While 10 is great, as the largest contestant on the ranch, his numbers should easily have been better. The truth is, no matter who weighed-in on that team, they would have fallen below the yellow line.

Pink Team Sherry lost 6 and Ashley lost 12

This meant Michael and his mother Maria were up for elimination. They both made a plea to send Maria home, but the decision for the rest of the contestants was more difficult to make since they didn't feel as though Michael was pulling his weight. They were fed up with his excuses.

In the end, most of the contestants followed their wishes and sent Maria home to Chicago. Hopefully starting next week, Michael will give himself a check-up from the neck-up.