Moore is an artist the same way that Kinkade is an artist: Their work is not fine art. Outlets that sell the artists are master marketers. In the case of Moore, images are promoted as Open Editions, Large Limited Editions and who knows what else.

Cruise the Internet and you'll find owners trying to recoup original investment when they sell a Moore print. We found sellers asking for up to $950.

Our reader may find it worthwhile to pay for short-term use of the online database There, we found pages of Moore sports prints that recently sold on eBay for $19.95 to $275. The prints do have fans.

Dating from 1988, this print is vintage and may interest a collector.


Q: Vintage California art pottery is a popular collecting genre. What El Monte pottery started in 1951 had its origins in Tudor Pottery, founded in 1927? The company made whimsical pottery miniatures plus a decorative line. It became famous especially for animal sculptures.



Williamsburg Pottery

Kay Finch Designs

A: Freeman-McFarlin bought Kay Finch's molds, but it was celebrated on its own. Source: "Freeman-McFarlin Pottery 1951-1980" by Nancy Kelly (Schiffer, $29.99).

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