Fresh, pure water is a must for cooking and drinking, and installing a filtering faucet at your kitchen sink is a good way to reduce harmful impurities in your tap water. An indicator on the unit shows when to change the filter, a simple chore even if you're not so handy. The unit will eliminate costly water services, and give you filtered water right where you want it at the touch of a button.

A plumber will charge $290 to replace an existing sink faucet with a good quality, one-handle filtering unit, assuming no new plumbing lines are required. If you have some experience with plumbing projects, you can make the swap for $200, the cost of the filtering faucet, and save 31 percent.

The project involves removing the existing faucet, which may require some nudging to loosen corrosion with a penetrating oil spray like WD-40. Turn off the water at the supply and disconnect the water lines from the faucet lines, then remove the mounting hardware with a basin wrench. Follow the directions -- which are pretty straightforward -- that come with the faucet to install it. For tools, you'll only probably need a Phillips screwdriver and some adjustable wrenches.

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Pro Cost -- Diy Cost -- Pro Time -- Diy Time -- Diy Savings -- Percent Saved

$290 -- $200 -- 1.4 -- 3.0 -- $90 -- 31 Percent