What About Love? Ann Wilson still has plenty of Heart for fans
Heart pumped its way into the lifeblood of American rock ’n’ roll in the ‘70s with iconic singles such as “Crazy On You,” “Magic Man” and “Dreamboat Annie.” Now 39 years later, rock’s most famous sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, are still doing what they did as little girls – making music. In June, the duo released Strange Euphoria, a box set of hits and live performances, and now Heart is in the midst of another tour. Ann Wilson phoned us from Seattle to fill us in on how she balances life on the road, advice for upcoming female musicians and why having Nancy Wilson for a sister rocks.

With your latest album, Fanatic, how does this musically compare to some of the others you’ve released?

“This album has some of the best lyrics we’ve written. On a musical level, it’s definitely the most rock album we’ve ever done. It really stands up. I think it’s our best work. It’s quite focused and it’s got opinions and beautiful, good song writing. I like it.”

What prompted you want to finally write Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll?

“People have been wanting to write a book about Heart for years and years. Many people have approached us and we just weren’t ready. It became known that Charles Cross could do it. That was different because we know Charlie and he’s from here [Seattle] and he knows the Seattle music scene intimately. He understands what this place and the musicians here are all about so I felt that he’d be the one. So that’s really how all the points came together.”

Will you ever do a reality show or movie?

“No plans for a reality show ever in this lifetime – as long as I draw breath, no. But a movie? Sure, if somebody wants to do that I’d be all over it.”

What’s the funniest on-stage moment you and Nancy have had?

“There are a lot of funny ones. Our audience can be funny. We’ll look out and see our audience doing little, funny stuff sometimes and we love it.”

Is it strange being a celebrity and having people want to take photos with you and talk with you?

“It depends on if you’re ready for it. Most of the time people are great.”

What are you most thankful for this year?

“My health. I’m grateful for my health because we’ve been working incredibly hard and I’m glad for my health, my focus and my ability to stay on task.”

What are the secrets you use to keep your powerful voice in shape?

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t do a lot of things other people would consider consistent with a rock star image. I don’t do anything that would dry it out or tear it up. I just try to be nice to it. It’s a part of me and I want to show it love so it’ll show me love back.”

What’s the best and most difficult part of being on this musical journey with your sister?

“The best part about being on a journey with Nancy Wilson is she’s herself. If you knew her like I do, it’s like being on a journey with the most interesting, funny, loving, and creative person ever that I’ve known since she was born. She can save me from a really depressed mood and can turn me around even when I’m wrong. She’s amazing and I get to stand beside her on stage every night and play music. That’s the best part. The worst part probably is that she needs space from all this. She’s a free spirit and she doesn’t need to be swamped by too many demands. She’s a little more delicate in that regard so she needs a little bit of protection and space.”

Do you tend to do more of the celebrity appearances and interviews?

“Oh yeah, it doesn’t stop. You’ve got to keep on doing them and do a lot of them.”