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As summer turns into fall, that familiar “back-to-school” feeling affects adults as well as children. Just as kids get serious about schoolwork after months of play, many grownups feel it’s time to focus on their current career path. Take a look at what industries grew in South Florida in 2014, a signal of what jobs will be in demand as hiring starts for the new year.

Options Equal Opportunities

You might think that jobs within growing industries all require years of education or experience, but the truth is much more encouraging for people who are either looking to make a career change or those who are entering the job market for the very first time.

The variety and volume of positions within the following industries are optimistic indicators for job seekers of all ages, education levels and years of experience.

Top 5 Industries in the South Florida-Area Market

1.General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
Skills in demand: nurses, physical therapists, paramedics, pharmacy technicians

2.Depository Credit Intermediation
Skills in demand: tellers, personal bankers, loan officers, branch managers

3.Traveler Accommodation
Skills in demand: auditors, sales managers, guest service agents, housekeeping supervisors

4.Elementary and Secondary Schools
Skills in demand: teachers, counselors, custodians

5.Offices of Physicians
Skills in demand: physicians, medical assistants, physical therapists, medical secretaries

Gauging the Competition

South Florida’s General Medical and Surgical Hospitals looking to fill nursing, therapist, paramedic and pharmacist positions are looking for more than 5,600 jobs, up 21% from this time last year, making this a highly competitive field.

The Depository Credit Intermediation industry also proves to be a strong field, with openings for tellers, bankers, loan officers and branch managers on the rise. There have been almost 3,700 open positions from January through May of this year, a 40% increase over 2013.

The Traveler Accommodation field is a positive economic force in South Florida. More than 2,900 positions for auditors, sales managers, housekeeping supervisors and hospitality jobs have been open this year. However, this is an 8% decrease from last year, making this a highly competitive field.

Elementary and Secondary Schools looking to fill their halls with teachers, counselors and custodians posted almost 2,400 jobs so far in 2014, a whopping 513% year-over-year increase, making education South Florida’s fastest growing industry.

Again, the healthcare industry makes a solid showing, with South Florida’s Offices of Physicians signaling job growth. Doctors, medical assistants and physical therapists are all in demand, with more than 2,000 positions open this year.

The right job means different things to different people. By evaluating what industries have the most opportunity and potential for growth in the South Florida area, job seekers can take some of the guesswork out of choosing a career and map out a path that offers a chance for long-term success and satisfaction.

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