Lifetime picks up America's Most Wanted
John Walsh has found a new home for "America's Most Wanted."

The Lifetime cable network has picked up the series formerly on Fox. The broadcast network said "AMW" had become too expensive to continue as a weekly program but that it would be kept alive as a series of specials. That's one of those promises network executives count on the public to forget as time goes on.

The fact is, there is no money in series TV on Saturday, unless it's a show like "Cops," which costs a ham sandwich to make because there are no sets, no big star salaries and a bare bones writing staff.

You can expect some cutbacks in production values but Lifetime has the benefit of monthly subscriber fees in addition to the advertising revenue that drives broadcast TV.

During its 24 years on Fox, "AMW" contributed to the apprehension of more than 1100 felons, many of them violent. Seventeen were on the FBI's most wanted list. It also helped in the recovery of more than 60 missing people, many of them children.

Walsh, a former Broward resident, became an anti-crime crusader when his son Adam was abducted from a Hollywood mall, then murdered.

"AMW" will make its debut before the end of the year, according to the Lifetime announcement.