Suzy is a graduate of the University of Florida and have been a licensed pharmacist for nearly 20 years. People call her "America's Most ...

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Suzy Cohen

Suzy Cohen

Dear Pharmacist

Soothing that sunburn pain

Soothing that sunburn pain

July 8, 2014

Dear Pharmacist: I bought aloe vera gel from the pharmacy and it didn't feel good on my sunburn. It actually stung. Can you recommend something else? — J.S., Sebring

  • Finding the cause of fibromyalgia

    June 27, 2014

    Dear Pharmacist: I've had fibromyalgia for the last eight years, and I take Lyrica, hydrocodone and citalopram. My local pharmacist said those are used to treat pain and depression, but I want to make sure with you. Also, I'd like to know what natural alternatives I have. — S.D., Gainesville

  • Relieve itchy eyes and hay fever

    June 20, 2014

    Dear Pharmacist: I take loratadine all spring because of my allergies to pollen and grass. Is that the best antihistamine, and are there natural ones? — S.M., Orlando

  • Strangely, acid may ease the burn

    June 13, 2014

    Dear Pharmacist: You've said that if you have twitches, leg cramps, spasms or heart arrhythmias, that you could be deficient in acid. What does this mean? I am taking an acid pill myself for reflux. — L.B., Las Vegas, Nev.



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