Family Shopping Awards

The best places to shop in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, as selected by our fabulous team of reader-judges.

Now you can pick winners for Kids Crowns Awards and have a chance to win a prize. Rave about your fave.

Family Shopping

Best Kid's Specialty Clothing

The best darn clothing stores for kids in South Florida.

Family Shopping

Best Kid's Shoe Store

If the shoe fits, wear it! Judges find the perfect fit for this category.

Family Shopping

Best Kid's Furniture

When it comes to furniture, these stores are winners in the eyes of our judges!

Family Shopping

Best Malls For Kids

These South Florida shopping malls are very kid-friendly.

Family Shopping

Best Specialty Toys/Gifts

What's on your child's wish list?

Family Shopping

Best Educational Supply Store

Back to School -- or home-schooling -- here's what the judges decided were the best stores in South Florida to buy educational supplies.

Family Shopping

Best Electronic Computer Games

All work and no play ... you know the drill, and so do these game stores selected by our judges!

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