Pastor Dywane Dawkins Sr., Praise Tabernacle International

Last week: Pres. Obama is working overtime to rally Congress to agree to a military strike against Syria. The Capitol is divided concerning this move. However, there are several pending factors and outcomes. Pres. Obama wants to defend global human rights, but those in disagreement with him are concerned about the possibility of retaliation and war, especially considering the irrationality of Syria's leader. This situation is escalating and will impact us all. I pray for peace and the healing of nations.       

Looking ahead: George Zimmerman was arrested and released on charges from his wife for allegedly threatening her and her father with a gun in a domestic dispute. There's a lot that I want to say, but I'll leave it at this: No matter how you suppress it, the truth will always emerge. This saga continues to unfold. The coming weeks will be filled with additional questions and information that will bring further clarity and revelation about the Zimmerman situations. Until then, remember a lie appears to travel first class all over the world quickly. The truth seems to walk, and takes its time, but when it arrives, it stands and makes itself known.

Sept. 8

Last week: President Obama decided to involve the U.S. in Syria's self inflicting affairs. There was great opposition to his decision. However, I feel that he understood the power of maintaining principles that defend the fair treatment of humanity globally and the power of maintaining healthy alliances. It's a tough call to make, especially in a culture that possesses a mindset with inhumane standards. I pray for wisdom for our leaders.

Looking ahead: The condition of our current world economy is unhealthy. People are enduring great stress and disappointments. Marriages and families are under attack and people's dreams and visions are being crushed. However, I've learned an important life-changing principle that requires drive and discipline. In order to stay afloat and begin economic rehab, you must adjust. Since the economy isn't changing in our favor, we have to make changes in our favor. Save, cut back on unnecessary spending, invest in other abilities that you may have that can be lucrative for you and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Sept. 1

Last week: George Zimmerman asks for the State of Florida to aide him by donating $200,000 toward his legal fees. Really? What happened to all the money he raised during his trial?

Looking ahead: Major U.S. websites have been hacked by terrorists in a new warfare tactic. This is another assault on "the west." In addition to safety issues, the economy is also being threatened by this.

Aug. 25

Last week: The upheaval in Egypt was disturbing and negatively impacted the economy.

Next week: Our schools are open again. Safety seems to be the new emphasis, even more so than the curriculum. Gun violence & bullying, sexual predators and drug abuse all cause major distractions and spark fear in the hearts of many. However, I pray peace, safety and success over every family and school this year.

Aug. 18

Last week: A sinkhole opened up in Clermont, Fl., that swallowed up portions of occupied vacations villas. This seems to be happening more frequently.

Looking ahead: Terrorism is still threatening the peace of people and nations everywhere. From Edward Snowden to the trial of the Boston bombers, the war against terrorism continues.

Aug. 11

Last week: Last week's story for me was the heightening of security at U.S. embassies around the world at the conclusion of Ramadan. Some Muslims, including extremists, seem to be most zealous after this most holy time of the Islamic year. It's amazing to see how a people's passion can affect the world.

Looking ahead: The same old song of gun violence from the hands of a vengeful maniac. The shooting saga in Pennsylvania unfolds. It's a chronic song, but the tune still causes fear and the lyrics negatively impact lives. When will the song stop?

Aug. 4

Last week: Last weeks story would definitely be the appearance of George Zimmerman after his not guilty verdict. He appeared on a road way 1 mile away from where he shot Trayvon Martin and was seen helping individuals in distress from a car accident. Interesting.

Looking ahead: NFL star, OJ Simpson, was granted parole. Lack of prior conviction, participation in programs & positive behavior were named among the reasons of this favor. He is still in prison but this a move in a positive direction for him. There are disappointments and indifferences regarding this story. However, it encourages me because no matter how real a person's sentencing may be, there is power in doing right after youve done wrong which always makes room for grace and mercy.