Miami Dolphins fans say they want ...

1. Congratulations to Ronnie Brown, no doubt an exhausted winner of our latest poll: Which free-agent running back should the Miami Dolphins re-sign? With more than 3,500 votes tabulated, Brown finished with 35.4 percent of the vote (1,242 votes) to Ricky Williams 34.1 percent (1,195 votes). This narrow victory doesn’t guarantee Brown a legitimate contract offer from the Dolphins, but it does show an astute fan base is willing to give him one more shot at age 29 to reach his potential. By the way, ”Neither” outpolled “Both” by a solid margin: 17.0 percent to 13.5 percent. So, it seems, Dolphins fans really have had their fill of the R&R Express.  Me too.

2. Make it six losses this season for Frank Haith’s Hurricanes by seven points or less.Wednesday’s 74-71 home loss to North Carolinawas one Miami absolutely had to have, especially with the youthful Tar Heels filled with flaws of their own. That the ‘Canes (1-5 in the ACC, better than only lowly Wake Forest) repeatedly come up short in these types of games makes you question everything about them — from players to coaching to overall direction — and leaves you wondering if they will ever get where they’ve been trying to go for seven seasons under Haith.

3. Thought something was up when Tony Sparano Jr. was around the Dolphins the final two weeks of the season as a special teams assistant. Now that he’s been hired as an offensive quality control coach under his pops — replacing Steve Bush, who moved to coach wide receivers, with Karl Dorrell sliding over to coach QBs (which he’s never done before) – the Dolphins have essentially replaced former QB coach David “Wildcat” Leewith an energetic kid less than a year out of college. TS II spent one season with the Hartford Colonials of the UFL, where he was an assistant defensive line coach. In his new role, young Tony Jr. will be responsible for breaking down TONS of game tape, carrying out special projects on “hidden yardage,” “factor plays” and other Sparano Sr. statistical fetishes. Oh, and you’d better believe the kid will be watching the building for signs of disloyalty. At least that’s what I’d have my kid doing if I was in a similar spot.

4. Mel Kiper Jr. did an 80-minute conference call with national media on Wednesday and never once pled ignorance on a single player or topic. Say what you will about the man’s ridiculous pompadour, but I find his knowledge pretty impressive.

5. So NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he and his lead negotiator, Jeff Pash, will cut their salaries to $1 if there is a lockout as everyone expects. To which NFLPA chief De Smith says he’ll cut his take to 68 cents this year if there’s a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place by the Super Bowl. Yep, it’s gonna be a heck of a year for football fans.