The ads in the race for sheriff have gone from discourse of crime and leadership to bedroom talk, and candidate Scott Israel is fuming.

 In the video above, Israel's wife, Susan, denounces the attack campaign. An enemy of the Israel candidacy posted three YouTube videos of a young woman claiming that she was 17 and that she and Israel had an affair, that she had an abortion, and that she just now realized he was married with triplets.

"Do you really think I'm stupid?'' the unidentified woman asks.

Israel asked YouTube to take down the videos, which he called defamatory. YouTube declined, as you'll see in Israel's campaign statement on the jump.

I'll post her videos on the jump page, with the Scott Israel campaign statement about them. As a side note, there is mention on the YouTube page of Israel's "illegitimate'' child. The child that was the subject of a paternity suit against Israel was conceived before he was married, public records show.

Israel's wife says the claims are "despicable lies.'' It's disgusting, hurtful and it's absolutely false.''

The videos did not come from the sheriff's campaign, but Israel blames him directly.

Israel's campaign says the woman is quite obviously a bad actress reading from cue cards, and also looks about a decade older than she says she is.

Here's another of the videos.

And here's another.

 Here's the statement from the Israel campaign:





Democrat candidate for Broward County Sheriff Scott J. Israel today demanded incumbent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti call on his supporters to take down YouTube videos in which an actress falsely accuses Israel of marital infidelity, statutory rape, and paying for an abortion.


“These are false and vicious smears far outside the bounds of decency in any political campaign.  Al Lamberti needs to call on his supporters to take down this dishonest, filth now,” said Israel.