The following is a list of the 24 winners of the Kids of Character Award. One student was selected in each innovation zone in Broward County.

Blanche Ely Zone
Trudy Farrier, 17, Margate
12th grade, Pompano Beach High School

Trudy is willing to take risks and to pioneer fresh ideas to help our school develop as a new community. Still relatively new, Pompano Beach High has been working hard to establish traditions that bring cohesiveness and unity to our faculty and student body. Trudy is the type of student leader needed to re-establish our school as a proud and strong institution.

Trudy's leadership has been consistently well-accepted by fellow students. Other students can relate to her. As senior class president, Trudy was key in creating, organizing and launching a Winter Funland amusement for elementary school students. As a student government member, Trudy assisted administration in implementing a school "Dance Plan," whereby students would receive guidelines for suitable dancing styles at school events.

Although her position was not popular with all students, Trudy confidently led an assembly and schoolwide discussion about appropriate dancing. Trudy has served as president of our school's chapter of Florida Future Educators of America for the past four years, maintaining the club's focus even through several sponsor changes and dwindling membership. This year, she organized the FFEA Talent Show, which was successful in raising funds for the club and promoting the club to the general student body.

Although Trudy experienced a family tragedy during her sophomore year, her commitment to our school has remained steadfast. Considering this, the strength of Trudy’s character becomes even more apparent.

Boyd Anderson Zone
Rasheed Holloway, 6, Lauderhill
Kindergarten, Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary

Rasheed not only is an exceptional student, but also is a kind, generous and unselfish child. Rasheed is extremely courteous to adults, as well as his peers. He always follows classroom rules and is more than willing to help out teachers.

Since he is able to read, he is always helping the students in the class who need extra help. He shows generosity by always offering to share snacks, pencils and even the special treats he receives for having a great week.

Rasheed has a way of putting a smile on anyone’s face. A perfect example of his personality occurred recently. A child had an "accident," prompting many kids to laugh and tease the child. Instead of following the crowd, Rasheed walked up to the boy and put his arm around him. He told the boy that he had an accident once and it was no big deal. "It is part of being a kid," he said. Rasheed's empathy made the boy feel so much better and put a smile on his face.

Rasheed is a friend to all of the students in class, as well as to the teacher, Lauren Bond, who nicknamed him "Buddy."

Coconut Creek Zone
Tashara Martin, 18, North Lauderdale
12th grade, Coconut Creek High School

Tashara exemplifies responsibility, perseverance, dedication, commitment, honor and leadership.