Is your home inspector licensed under new law?

New Florida law requires home inpsectors to be licensed. (Sun Sentinel, file).

As of this month, Florida requires home inspectors to be licensed. The new regulations also require inspectors to complete ongoing education courses and to undergo background checks, measures intended to better protect consumers.

In response to my recent Your Money column that suggested readers contact a home inspector to ensure their homes are properly fortified for hurricane protection, Joey Caballero, a former president of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors contacted me and requested I pass on this helpful information.

The new regulation requires that home inspectors receive 120 hours of education, carry proper insured and are tested regularly, said Caballero, who co-owns 5th Avenue Building Inspections of Boynton Beach.

“The home inspection profession has worked on licensing for over 15 years. I have been involved for the last 12 years and  feel strongly that this will help consumers,” Caballero said. “Prior to licensing anyone could [claim to be] a home inspector.”

Click here to view the Florida home inspection services bill. Visit the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to check on a license.

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