The county's chief judge assigns Broward County Court judges to either the criminal or civil divisions in Broward's main courthouse or the three regional courthouses. The Criminal Division handles criminal traffic cases asnd misdemeanor cases. The Civil Division handles cases that don't exceed $15,000, small claims and most landlord-tenant disputes. Judges' group numbers have no bearing on where they are assigned. County judges are elected for six-year terms and paid $137,020 annually. All county voters decide the Broward County Court judicial races.

Group 29

Name: Jill Levy

Personal: 36. Lives in Hollywood. Divorced. No children.

Professional: Ten years of legal experience, the last seven in private practice specializing in criminal defense and family law in Fort Lauderdale. Since February, Levy has presided as a Broward traffic court magistrate/hearing officer in Hollywood.

Education: Undergraduate degree from Adelphi University, Long Island, N.Y., 1992; law degree from University of Miami, 1996.

Civic: Member of the Broward County Bar Association, American Bar Association and Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Provides pro bono legal services to seniors, families in need and indigent defendants. Levy also helps select candidates for a foundation named after her late sister at Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y. - Allison Kim Levy Continuing Acts of Kindness Endowed Memorial Award.

Money raised: $410,000

How much did you contribute to your campaign? $410,000 loan

Top 3 non-newspaper endorsements you received: Broward County Council of Professional Firefighters; 10-13 Club; State Rep. Matt Meadows, D-Lauderhill

How to Contact: 954-825-7330 or

Name: Nicholas "Nick" Lopane

Personal: 40. Lives in Fort Lauderdale. Single.

Professional: Twelve years of legal experience, the last seven as a Broward General Magistrate in the Circuit Court's dependency division. Before that he worked as a municipal attorney for a Fort Lauderdale law firm and as an assistant attorney general for the Florida State Attorney General's office in Fort Lauderdale.

Education: Undergraduate degree from Boston University, 1989; law degree from Florida State University, 1993.

Civic: Advisory board member of Helping Abused and Neglected Dependent Children; founder and mentor of HANDY Fighting Chance Boxing and Fitness Club; member of Broward County School Board Advisory Council and mentor for the school board's STARS Academy.

Money raised: $42,115

How much did you contribute to your campaign? $35,000 loan

Top 3 non-newspaper endorsements you received: Broward County AFL-CIO, Broward County Police Benevolent Association, former Florida State Attorney General Robert Butterworth