Anti-human trafficking TV ad to be broadcast in Florida, does it go too far?

Department of Homeland Security to broadcast racy human trafficking TV ad in Florida. (Sun Sentinel, file).

The U.S. government will broadcast anti-human trafficking ads in Florida warning immigrants about the dangers of smugglers and slave labor.

Whether you like it or not – you may soon catch a TV or radio public service announcement that may make you wonder, is this a bit much? The ads depict a young woman locked in a cage, ordered to sing like a bird by her two male captors. They smear lipstick across her face as she weeps and  cries out “I didn’t leave my country for this.” You might want to cover your child’s eyes or ears when these come on.

Then again, the subject is serious, calling attention to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.

As recent news coverage titled “Modern-day slavery” by the Sun Sentinel pointed out, Florida is among the top three states when it comes to transit and destination points for victims of trafficking who come from all over the world. Labor trafficking is the most prevalent crime category in Florida.

The ads titled “No Te Enganes – Don’t Be Fooled” were commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security to scare straight those who may consider dealing with illegal traffickers in order to get into the United States. In addition to Florida, the department is running the ads in Georgia and the Washington D.C.-area because of the high population of latino immigrants.