A man and a woman were en route to Fort Myers from a doctor's appointment in Tampa experienced car trouble in Manatee County. The couple was traveling with a hand-held safe holding $7,700 in prescription medication, reports The Bradenton Herald.

The man called a 'friend,' Robert Niziolek, and asked him to meet them.

Niziolek and another man, Bobur Razzakberdiev met the couple.

They weren't much help to the couple.

They had other plans.

Razzakberdiev grabbed the safe from the woman.

But the woman held unto the safe, preferring to being dragged over a metal fence that to simple let go.

Maybe they should have opted to call the Florida Road Ranger Service Patrol.

Because it's better to be safe than sorry.

It's a safe bet that Niziolek and Razzakberdiev ended up in the pokey.

Find out what happened.

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Photos: Manatee County Sheriff's Office / Florida Department of Transportation

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