Before- and after-school care is available at a number of facilities, both on and off public school campuses. Check with nearby churches and synagogues, youth and recreation centers and children's activity programs and clubs. You also may enlist help at the public schools: Miami-Dade County
305-995-1899 Broward County
754-321-3330 Palm Beach County 561-434-8821
COLLEGE PLANNING Choose from two options in the Florida College Program: Pay a lump sum or in installments, locking in today's college prices for a Florida college or university in the Florida Prepaid Plan, or invest in the market with Florida's new 529 College Plan and reserve money for any college or university costs.
Check with your local library for free computer access, connections to the Internet and classes for kids and adults on basic computer skills and Internet research.
Charter schools are publicly financed, yet privately run and offer parents another educational option. Check with the School Board office in each county.
Miami-Dade: 305-995-1922 Broward: 754-321-3035 Palm Beach County: 561-434-8929
Please see also Learning Disabilities.
FLORIDA DIAGNOSTIC AND LEARNING RESOURCES SYSTEM (FDLRS) Screening, evaluation, case management and referral of children with special needs, from birth through age 21. Administered by the public schools.
Miami-Dade County: 305-274-3501