Video game creator Eugene Jarvis is Player One

Video game creator Eugene Jarvis is Player One

The young guy in the trucker cap, skinny jeans and Air Jordans squeezed the trigger on the toy shotgun and his umpteenth round of “Big Buck Hunter” blasted to life. The guy was maybe 25 and so focused on bagging digital deer, the butt of the gun pressed hard into his shoulder, that he never noticed the tall, smiling man behind him, watching.

The man was Eugene Jarvis, president of Raw Thrills, a Skokie video game company. In 2006, Raw Thrills bought Glen Ellyn-based Play Mechanix, the company that created “Big Buck Hunter.” Initially Jarvis wasn't convinced “Big Buck Hunter” was relevant; the arcade-game business, once ubiquitous, had contracted back to a novelty, and “Big Buck...