No love lost in Texas

David Teel

Daily Press

A democracy that has given us Sen. Al Franken and Gov. Terminator surely is capable of producing Sen. Craig James. But I'd sooner vote for Lee "Don't forget the 7-second delay" Corso.

The beauty of James' folly is he's running in his native Texas. Sure, he starred there at SMU, but that outlaw era earned the program the NCAA's only death penalty. More than two decades later, James' ESPN-enabled crusade helped take down Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Many sins are forgivable in Texas. Toppling two nationally ranked football programs isn't one of them.

That said, James could solve the federal budget deficit by persuading ESPN to donate Chris Berman's per diem and Erin Andrews' wardrobe allowance.

Misuse of power not new

Phil Rogers

Chicago Tribune

I can't say Craig James' interest in politics shocks me. He seems to have the gene to govern, based on how smugly he has all the answers for college football while only rarely acknowledging the questions in his own past.

James, who was highly recruited as a prep star in Houston, signed up for one of the nation's most corrupt operations — the SMU teams of Ron Meyer. Maybe he was the only guy who didn't receive illegal inducements, but I've always found it odd he could be part of that and then be ESPN's public conscience.

There's no giving him the benefit of the doubt on the Texas Tech situation, however. He misused his position to influence ESPN's coverage of the scandal that cost Mike Leach his job.

A deer in headlights

Bill Kline

The Morning Call