Goodell wins, loses

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

Roger Goodell was both the biggest loser and winner in Paul Tagliabue's bounty scandal ruling. Goodell's credibility has taken a huge hit over the course of this ordeal, and having his predecessor correct him in such a public forum has to be a blow to the ego.

But Tagliabue did Goodell a huge favor too. By affirming the factual findings of the investigation, essentially siding with Goodell at every turn, Tagliabue did nothing to strengthen the legal arguments of the (formerly) suspended players, the coaches, or anyone who might continue to pursue this case.

A judge could still rule differently, but it carries weight that Tagliabue, an ostensibly impartial arbiter, finds the pay-to-injure evidence compelling.

Saints biggest losers

Mike Miorelli

Morning Call

I'm not sure there is a biggest winner here, but there are a lot of losers.

The Saints are the biggest losers.

Their season was ruined by a decision that seems to be heavy-handed at best and downright negligent at worst.

Roger Goodell is certainly a loser here. He made a decision that cost the Saints a head coach for a season and threw their entire year into turmoil.

And the players are losers, because their reputations have been forever tarnished.

The only winner seems to be Paul Tagliabue because he was the only one that seemed to have any sense in the whole affair.

Damaging for Williams

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune