Jets have nothing to lose

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

The Jets are 3-6 and have lost three straight. They are playing another team with a losing record this week, the Rams. Mark Sanchez has a 70.4 passer rating and is not winning games.

Rex Ryan has nothing to lose by giving Tim Tebow an opportunity to do for them what he did for the Broncos a year ago.

If the Jets don't go to Tebow now, it made little sense to trade for him in the offseason. If they wait for another loss or two, it's going to be too late. At this point, the season still may be salvageable, though it would take a minor miracle.

Tebow won 64 percent of his starts last season. If he can win a slightly higher percentage of his games this season, the Jets will finish 8-8.

If Ryan's ego allows it

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

At this point, why not try Tim Tebow? What do the Jets have to lose?

The Patriots are creating separation in the AFC East, and the Jets should at least try everything they have in their arsenal, and pray for the kind of run the Broncos went on with Tebow last season. Trading for him was dumb — predictably, his presence has been more of a distraction than a benefit — but it's too late to change that now.

Mark Sanchez had his fourth red-zone interception Sunday, and the Jets offense is wheezing and sputtering. The Jets play at St. Louis on Sunday, and the Rams are ranked 18th against the run. They might as well try Tebow this week. At this point, it doesn't seem like Rex Ryan's ego is going to let him do that.

Jets going nowhere

Aaron Wilson

Baltimore Sun

Rather than cling to the usual mediocrity and occasional incompetence of Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan should throw caution to the wind and insert Tim Tebow as his starter.

Sure, Tebow is a flawed, inaccurate passer with 47.9 percent career accuracy, but it's not as if the Jets have much to lose. This season is going nowhere. It's Tebow Time.