He must delegate

Aaron Wilson

Baltimore Sun

The myth that Jerry Jones tries to perpetuate goes like this: Former Arkansas guard, self-made billionaire and boss of "America's Team" actually has it all figured out. Well, not so fast.

Bill Parcells acquired a lot of talent still on the roster, and Jones still has plenty of competent, low-key football people advising him behind the scenes.

Can the Cowboys keep climbing with Jones running the show? Yes and no.

It all depends on how he delegates when cameras aren't watching. So much of what Jones is about is hype and glitz. The real heavy lifting? Done by real football guys. The rich guy, Jones, hogs the credit, blame and always the spotlight. Jerry's a superstar, just ask him.


He's not the problem

Omar Kelly

Sun Sentinel

Jerry Jones has been exercising his right to run the Cowboys like an NFL fantasy team, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with his approach when he's winning. So there shouldn't be an issue now that Dallas is losing.

He didn't get Demarco Murray hurt. He isn't throwing interceptions, Tony Romo is. Jones isn't being outcoached most Sundays. That's Jason Garrett.

Nobody complained when Jones drafted Dez Bryant in the 2010 draft. Now all of a sudden Jones is the problem because Bryant is struggling?

Finding someone else to run the team, pick the players and the head coach isn't the issue. The issue is getting better players and a better coach. There's a long list of teams with those same needs.


Team is risk averse

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

Jerry Jones has his strengths, but when he has too much of an influence on what happens on the field, we can never tell if it's Jerry as football man or Jerry as P.T. Barnum.