When they want to panic

Joseph Schwerdt

Sun Sentinel

Rex Ryan should give Tim Tebow the start on Monday night against the Texans if he wants to throw a bomb in an already volatile clubhouse.

He should start Tebow if he's ready to pound on the panic button.

Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano have done a pretty good job keeping Tebowmania bottled up. What they haven't done is use Tebow effectively. Tebow is the ultimate Wildcat weapon, but he hasn't been a factor in New York and has given no indication he can spark the offense.

The Jets have multiple problems: A questionable running game; devastating injuries to their best receivers; the loss of Darrelle Revis, their best player. Starting Tim Tebow won't solve any of those.


Crunch time for Sanchez

Aaron Wilson

Baltimore Sun

Signed to a lucrative contract extension during the offseason, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez remains a disappointment.

He has completed only 49.2 percent of his throws for 813 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions for a 69.6 quarterback rating.

From what I've heard from several league sources, Sanchez's dedication to the game is highly questionable. Jets players and coaches routinely wonder if Sanchez is much more interested in partying with starlets than applying himself to football.

If I'm Rex Ryan, I seriously think about inserting Tim Tebow as the new starter if Sanchez doesn't improve markedly within the next few games.

The rubber is about to meet the road. It's crossroads time for Sanchez.


Too soon for Tebow

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times