Have the Eagles assembled the "Dream Team," or is this another fantasy football roster built to disappoint?

That's just one of the pressing questions heading into this NFL season.

A few of the others:

Did the lockout truly favor those teams with an established coach and quarterback?

Or can the teams that really had to cram in this compressed offseason make the grade?

Will the Peyton Manning saga be a pain in the neck for the Colts all season?

The Seahawks made the 2010 playoffs at 7-9; is the NFC West still the NFC Worst?

The Panthers' Cam Newton looked very good in the preseason. Will this top pick follow in the cleat-steps of fellow No. 1s Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford, or will he go the way of JaMarcus Russell and Alex Smith?

Will a franchise that never has won the Super Bowl — maybe the Chargers, Eagles, Falcons, Lions or Texans — finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy?

Which team will make a beeline for the bottom of the league and be in position to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck?

New rules

There are several new rules and points of emphasis this season:

Unnecessary roughness: Illegal "launching" — a player leaving both feet before contact to spring upward into an opponent and delivering a blow to any part of the helmet — has been banned. Also, roughing-the-passer rules have been clarified so hits to the passer's head by a defender's hands, arms or other body parts will not result in a penalty unless they are forcible blows.

Kickoffs: The league has moved kickoffs up 5 yards to the 35 to promote touchbacks and safety.

Instant replay: The replay official will review all scoring plays.

Dead-ball personal fouls: If a team commits a dead-ball personal foul at the end of a half, that penalty will now be enforced on the opening kickoff of the third quarter.

Trading places

Familiar players who have switched teams (new team/old team):

Nnamdi Asomugha, CB (Eagles/Raiders): More of a shutdown corner than a big playmaker, Asomugha has a total of two interceptions in the last three years.

Plaxico Burress, WR (Jets/Giants): Burress, recently released from prison, is an upgrade from Braylon Edwards, but can he stay healthy after his hiatus from the NFL?