Severe Weather Response: Tues Dec 15 at 5PM

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December 15, 2009


Ascension / Assumption / Jefferson / Lafourche / Livingston / Orleans / Plaquemines / St. Bernard / St. Charles / St. Helena / St. James / St. John the Baptist / St. Tammany / Tangipahoa / Terrebonne / Washington


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Sheriff Craig Webre announced rescue efforts in the Alidore community in Raceland will continue as long as necessary. Floodwaters began moving into homes on Brocato, Williams and Triple Oaks which make up the Alidore community, shortly before 8:00 AM. As of 3:00 PM, Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Deputies rescued more than 60 people and one dog from the rising waters.

Of the people given assistance either by boat or truck to get to higher ground, one young woman was seven months pregnant, two men were wheelchair bound and one special needs child who is also wheelchair bound was rescued. Fifteen deputies manned the area by day. Ten deputies have been dedicated specifically to the Alidore community Tuesday night to provide security and protect residences from potential looters. Three boat crews will remain in the area should residents who may have decided to stay during the day, change their mind after nightfall.

Dozens of residences including the Raceland Project Apartments suffered water damage. By mid-afternoon Entergy was called in to shut off electricity to some of the flooded homes. Throughout the day there were no reports of injuries in any of the evacuations. As of 4:00 PM approximately 14 people were housed in the only shelter in place in the parish, Raceland Recreation Center. The other evacuees made plans to stay with family or friends.

The other area of concern for deputies continues to be the Choupic/Choctaw area. Deputies will continue to monitor and patrol the area to assist where needed.

Lafourche Parish Government, operating under a State of Emergency, has fully activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Mathews.

Residential flooding has been reported in the Alidore community in Raceland, as well as other residences in Bayou Blue and North Thibodaux. Other communities in Central and Northern Lafourche are also reporting street flooding, especially in the communities of Raceland, Bayou Blue, Choctaw and Kraemer.

Lafourche Parish Government has opened the Raceland Recreation Center as a shelter for residents who need to evacuate their homes due to rising water. The center is located at 241 Recreation Drive off LA Highway 308 in Raceland.

Any resident who is experiencing flooding, feels that flooding is imminent at their residence, or needs help in any way should call the Lafourche Parish EOC at (985) 537-7603.


No report.


Following a conference call with the National Weather Service (NWS) and emergency managers from across the region, the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (NOHSEP) would like to alert citizens of expected severe weather conditions. Through Tuesday evening, the NWS is predicting an additional 2 - 3 inches of rainfall for Metro New Orleans with possibilities of up to 4 - 6 inches of rain and possible flash flooding. The NWS is expecting light to moderate rain fall to begin later this afternoon with heavier rainfall predicted to begin around daybreak tomorrow morning. Citizens should expect to experience flooding in low lying areas and on local streets.

In preparation of expected street flooding, citizens will not be ticketed for parking on neutral grounds, but are prohibited from parking on neutral grounds servicing street car lines. Persons parking on the neutral grounds should keep in mind that the ground is still saturated from this weekend's rain and they should park at their own risk as the City will not be held liable for any damage to private property due to potential flooding or storm related hazards. Parking enforcement will resume after 6 pm Tuesday evening, or once weather conditions improve.

The City of New Orleans Department of Public Work strongly encourages all citizens to clean their catch basins, gutters, and drainage ditches along their properties in preparation of the inclement weather prediction and to prevent heavy rain from flooding city streets.

Robert Mendoza, Director of Public Works also reminds citizens that all property owners and residents are required to maintain the gutter, ditches, and catch basin openings adjacent to their property.

Citizens should exercise extreme caution during inclement weather and flooding. During flash flooding, most fatalities occur during evening hours and in automobiles. Citizens should not drive though flooded streets as it can cause vehicles to stall leaving drivers stranded. If you are driving and approach rapidly rising waters, the City urges you to turn around immediately, locate an alternative route, and move to higher ground away from canals and storm drains.

New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness along with its Public Safety partners will continue to monitor the weather conditions throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. We encourage all citizens to monitor local media outlets for the latest updates.


All Plaquemines Parish Pump stations are working. Pump operators are manning each station. Parish President Billy Nungesser offered assistance to St. Charles Parish President V.J. St. Pierre.

St. Bernard

Free sandbags are available to St. Bernard residents at to the Sheriff's Sandbag barn: Port of St. Bernard, 9000 block of St. Bernard Highway.

St. Charles

PLEASE NOTE: Sandbags are for St. Charles Parish residents only. You may be required to present proof of residency to receive sandbags. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN SHOVEL!

East Bank Bridge Park
West Bank Bridge Park

District I
Hackberry Street southwest of the pump station b/w Gassen Street and Luling Estates Drive
Bamboo Street and Plantation Rd.
Pioneer Drive and Settlers Drive
King Street behind school
End of River Park Drive
School House Road near railroad tracks
Boutte Estates at the curve

District II
Willowdale Boulevard and East Heather next to the levee
Rex Street between Davis Drive and Evelyn Drive east of Pump Station Road
Sugarhouse Road and Angus Drive
Bernard Avenue near the pump station

District III
Red Church Subdivision
Ormond Fire House

District IV
Paradis Pump Station at Canal Boat Launch
Up the Bayou Road near the pump station
Twin Bridge Road and Down the Bayou Road
LA 631 (Old Spanish Trail) behind the church
LA 306 at Badeaux Lane East
Grand Bayou Road and Sunshine Drive

District V
4th Street
Bar None Subdivision
Charles Town Subdivision
Fairfield Subdivision
I-310 Service Road
Oakland Subdivision
Preston Hollow and River Road
River View
Dianne Place

District VI
Montz Recreation Park
New Sarpy Recreation Park
Norco Elementary School and Apple Street
Norco Fire Station

District VII
George Cousin Rd and West Heather Street
Valencia Street and Primrose Drive
Primrose Drive West of the Lagatutta pump station between Wade Street and Oak Street
Lakewood Elementary School


Here is a quick update from our participating agencies within the St. Charles Parish EOC. Please also see important information in bold. This is urgent information we would like to reiterate to our residents.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office
Two high-water trucks from Jefferson Parish are available to assist with evacuating people in flooded areas. All office crews and school personnel are in the field assisting with road closures and other efforts. Trustees in our correctional facility are currently assisting the parish in filling sandbags

Public Works is gathering additional pumps for use in the Sunset Drainage District if needed. (This encompasses the communities of Bayou Gauche, Des Allemands and Paradis.) Sand is also being delivered to the West Bank and East Bank Bridge Parks as well as distribution points in council districts 2 and 5 currently available and eventually all districts. Shovels are required. Sandbags are available to St. Charles Parish residents ONLY.

Distribution points currently available:
* Willowdale Boulevard and East Heather next to the levee, Luling
* Rex Street between Davis Drive and Evelyn Drive east of Pump Station Road, Luling
* Sugarhouse Road and Angus Drive, Luling
* Bernard Avenue near the pump station, Ama
* Fourth Street, St. Rose
* Bar None Subdivision, St. Rose
* Charles Towne Subdivision, St. Rose
* Fairfield Subdivision, St. Rose
* I-310 Service Road&, St. Rose
* Oakland Subdivision&, St. Rose
* Preston Hollow and River Road, St. Rose
* River View
, St. Rose
* Dianne Place, St. Rose

Red Cross
The Landry Alternative School gym located at 108 Tiger Circle adjacent to the Courthouse on River Road in Hahnville is up and running as a reception center for those who need to leave their homes. It stands ready to be utilized as a full-fledged shelter if needed.

UPDATE: Parish President V.J. St. Pierre reports that the sandbagging operation is either at or close to completing, and overtopping is ceasing, barring any heavy rain for extended periods tonight. St. Charles Parish officials will continue to monitor the area and bring in additional resources if needed.(Posted at 4:30PM)

A 5-foot levee behind River Ridge Drive has overtopped in three sections; 100 feet, 100 yards and 100 yards each. The parish is currently using all available resources to sandbag the area and expects mitigation to be complete in two hours. (Posted at 11 a.m.)

All St. Charles Parish residents are asked to cut down on their sewer usage to only necessary tasks due to rainfall infiltration of the sewer system. This includes washing clothes, doing dishes, toilet flushing, showering, etc. We have been getting reports of sewer backups and toilets not flushing Residents are advised to drive with extreme caution through flooded areas. Please idle through areas of standing water to prevent wakes that could possibly push water into homes. It is illegal to drive around barricades. Residents returning home from work this afternoon may make use of the Landry gym until water in their neighborhoods recedes.

A total of 35 residential homes have reported flooding to the EOC in Luling, Paradis and Boutte.

The parish has received over 11 inches of rain in some areas in the last 24 hours, representing an unprecedented record rainfall event for the month of December.

St. Charles Parish Public Works employees have been working nonstop since Monday morning clearing ditches and cleanouts, and all pumps are functioning and operational. However, with the high amount of rain over the last few days, some flooding is inevitable.

Parish officials are also asking residents to report any high water and/or flooding damage to homes or businesses by calling EOC at (985) 783-5050. For emergencies in flooded areas, please dial 911.

Major closures include:
* I-310 on ramps from southbound U.S. 61
* St. Rose Avenue between U.S. 61 and the railroad tracks, St. Rose
* Ashton Boulevard from River Road to the railroad tracks, Luling
* William Street, Boutte
* Evangeline Road between U.S. 61 and the railroad tracks, Montz
* Ormond Boulevard from River Road to Airline Highway, Destrehan
* East Harding Street from U.S. 61 to the first railroad track, New Sarpy
* River Ridge Drive, Boutte
* Woodland Drive, Boutte
* East Club Drive, St. Rose
* Summerton Drive, St. Rose
* 200 block of Wade Street, Luling
* Courville Drive, Luling
* Sugarhouse Road, Luling
* Kinler Street, Luling

There are reports of high water on:
* Dixie Drive, Bayou Gauche
* LA-48 (River Road) near IMTT, St. Rose
* Janet Drive, St. Rose
* Des Allemands Boat Launch, Des Allemands
* Barton Avenue between the railroad tracks and River Road, Luling
* Summerton Drive, St. Rose
* Jane Lane, St. Rose
* Dianne Place, St. Rose
* Milling Avenue, Luling
* Davis Drive, Luling
* Wanda Street, Luling
* Ellington Street, Luling
* Fairfield Subdivision, St. Rose
* Oaklawn Subdivision, St. Rose
* Front of Coronado Subdivision, Luling
* 4100 block of Bayou Gauche Road, Bayou Gauche
* Ivy Lane, Luling
* Luling Estates, Luling
* U.S. 61 near Jefferson Parish line
* Paul Frederick, Luling
* Wade Street, Luling
* Mimosa Street, Luling
* Post Street, Luling
* Valencia Drive, Luling
* Kennedy St., St. Rose
* Fourth Street and Old Spanish Trail, Paradis
* Bernard Street, Ama
* Ellen Street, Ama

St. Helena

No report.

St. James

No report.

St. John the Baptist

ST. JOHN --An approaching cold front has stalled just north of us and all of southeast Louisiana. This has triggered an intense amount of rain for the last several hours and into the night. The atmosphere is very unstable and it is impossible for meteorologists to predict who will get how much rain.

The likelihood of flash flooding is increased due to the present saturated condition of our soil. St John has already experienced over 4 inches of rain in the last several hours. This amount of rain has caused substantial flooding of streets.

Residents should stay off of roads tonight. If you must drive, motorists should proceed along streets with standing water at NO MORE than idle speed to prevent wakes from your vehicle from flooding homes.

Sandbags are available at the St John airport throughout the night and tomorrow.

Public Works crews are monitoring the pumping stations throughout the parish and will be working through the night.

St. Tammany

As of 3:00 PM on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, the following new roads are closed or affected by the current rain events in St. Tammany Parish, in addition to those listed in the midday report:

Lacombe/Pearl River Area - Lake Road end closed, Poitevent Blvd has water on road, Third St. off Richard Ave closed.

In addition, in the same area, Philip Smith Road, Glennwood St., East St. at Sapphire St., Aqua St., Vermillion St., Erindale St., Elm St., Tupelo St. and Coral St. all have water on them. Travel is not recommended on these streets at this time.

Slidell Area River Gardens and Indian Village areas still have water on roads.

As of 11:00 AM on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, the following roads are closed or affected by the current rain events in St. Tammany Parish:

Folsom Area Donnie Rd. and Horse Branch Rd. have water, but passable.
Abita Area Hwy 435 near Quail Farm has water on road, Hillcrest Subdivision has multiple streets closed, Jenkins Road closed.
Slidell Area Indian Village has water on roads but passable, River Gardens Subdivision has water on roads.
Lacombe/Pearl River Area Lake Road end closed, Poitevent Blvd has water on road, Third St. off Richard Ave closed.

The St. Tammany Parish Department of Public Works will open the following sandbag locations from 7:00AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday:

Covington Barn
(Covington Fairgrounds)
1305 N. Florida Street

Trace Maintenance
21411 Koop Drive

Keller Barn
63131 Fish Hatchery Road

Airport Barn
34783 Grantham College Road

Fritchie Barn
63119 Highway 1090
Pearl River


Parish workers have closed the following roads due to significant flooding:

Brab Alford Road
East Lewiston at R. Booty Road
Airport Road north of Hoover
Singing Waterfall Road
Briarpatch Cemetary Road

Residents are advised to avoid driving in these areas until the flooding subsides. If you see additional standing water, please do not drive through it. Instead, notify parish Public Works at 985-748-3441.


Terrebonne Parish Sand and Sand Bag Locations:

Bayou Cane Volunteer Fire Department - Central Station
Schriever Volunteer Fire Department
Bayou Black Volunteer Fire Department
Gibson Volunteer Fire Department

Terrebonne Parish has experienced a large amount of rainfall in the last twenty-four hours. According to the National Weather Service - Slidell, Northern Terrebonne Parish has received approximately 5 to 6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. This includes areas of Schriever and Gray.

The Parish's Public Works Department is working to insure that the drainage system and roadways are in operating condition. Several roadways within the Parish have been flooded by the rainfall and reports of flooding in houses within the Cortez Subdivision in the Schriever area.

According the National Weather Service in Slidell, La., Terrebonne Parish will continue to have moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the rest of today ending around 6 PM tonight.

Residents are reminded not to drive through flooded streets for their own safety and to prevent wave action that may push water into residences and businesses. Local law enforcement are out patrolling flooded areas and enforcing barracades.

All schools and governmental offices are open.

Street Floodings
12/15/2009 8:50:42 AM

Alma Street
Bayou Gardens Blvd.
Bull Run Rd.
Capital Blvd.
Cascade Dr.
Corporate Dr. (near Maria Immacolata)
Country Estates dr. (closing)
Cortez Subdivision
Enterprise Dr.
Fieldcrest Dr. (Water in Residence)
Hanson Dr.
Hwy 24 (4300 Block)
Hwy 24 @ Hwy316 (impassable/being barricaded by LSP)
Hollywood Rd
Idlewild Dr. (water is almost in residences)
Jean St.
Linda Ann Ave (400 Block South shut down)
Lisa Park Area
Marietta Place (200 Block South shut down)
Ouiski Bayou Dr.
Rhett Place
Savanne Rd (near rouses shut down)
St. Francis St.
Saint Louis Canal Rd. (One lane passable)
Tunnel Blvd
Venture Blvd.
Vicari St.
Westside Blvd.
Pinelend & Jefferson (intersection)
Paine @ Tulane (Intersection)


Washington parish has declared a state of emergency due to the rains and flooding in the Parish.

Bogue Chitto River at Franklinton as of 6am this morning is 11.5 ft.... expected to crest on Wed. at 6am at 15.5ft (Flood stage is 12ft).

Bogue Chitto at Bush expected to crest on Thursday 6am (flood stage 11ft).

Pearl river at Bogalusa this morning is 20.6 and expected to crest Thursday at noon at 21ft (flood stage is 18ft).

A reminder to all citizens these are predictions are subject to change with additional rainfall.

All residents along the Bogue Chitto River such as Enon, Isabel and The Bogue Chitto heights areas please pay close attention to your local news media for updates.