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William R Dyson

Malloy Cutting More Than $11M In Arts Funding

Malloy Cutting More Than $11M In Arts Funding

Leaders in Connecticut's arts community were stunned Wednesday over Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's plan to cut more than $11 million in payments to local arts programs as of July 1.

The proposed cuts have raised concern as more than 20 different programs have a zero placed next to their names in Malloy's budget. The groups have already set their fiscal plans for 2012, and could have their state funding disappear in the middle of the year.

The cuts include $2.1 million from the Connecticut Humanities Council, nearly $800,000 from the New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas, $630,000 from the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, $620,000 from Mystic Aquarium and $530,000 from the...