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Martin van Buren

Oregon tops Rankman's Super 16 rankings

Oregon tops Rankman's Super 16 rankings

People make such a fuss about preseason rankings but really, what's the big deal? Like any good coach at halftime, it's all about adjustments. So what if South Carolina was ranked No. 8 in the first Super 16* poll and Texas A&M, criminally, wasn't ranked at all? Rankman and his two eyeballs are capable of frantically reassessing any situation. These rankings aren't carved on Mt. Rushmore, or Mt. Passmore. It was a simple cut and paste to put Texas A&M at No. 5 after the Aggies throttled South Carolina in the Thursday night opener. UCLA likewise flunked its pop-quiz road opener, but there's a makeup test this week against Memphis. Ohio State and Notre Dame were also...