Orrin Hatch

It's Time To Scrutinize The Big 12

It's Time To Scrutinize The Big 12

It's time.

After the shameless beauty pageant by the Big 12, essentially having great universities put on their heels and spin around to be ogled, it's time for the Big 12 to be judged.

After the Big 12 finally decided last week, nah, we don't want any of you, it's time for the flaws of the Big 12 to be broadcast and exploited systematically.

More than that, it's time for a system that allowed the Big 12 to run its tawdry beauty pageant without repercussion beyond a level of public ridicule to come under scrutiny. It is a system, monopolistic to be sure and, historically, shown to be corrupt in its bowl machinations, richly deserving of such scrutiny.

Yes, it's...