Jim Himes

Colin McEnroe: 'Progressive' Bandwagon Full Of Pretenders

Colin McEnroe: 'Progressive' Bandwagon Full Of Pretenders

What the heck is a progressive?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Harris calls himself a “pragmatic progressive.” (For the purposes of this column, I am doing away with another label, “exploratory.” If you’re getting up in our grills and raising money and generally making a nuisance of yourself, you’re a candidate.)

State Rep. Josh Elliott, D-Hamden, recently gave Susan Bysiewicz the Good Progressive Seal of Approval. In a WNHH radio interview with Paul Bass, Elliott described Bysiewicz as the Democratic candidate most consistently in tune with progressive goals.

He also took the p-word away from another candidate, Greenwich Wall Street person Dita Bhargava:...