Debra L. Silverstein

Welcome to Runoff City

Welcome to Runoff City

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus "Chuy" Garcia will have plenty of company as they prep for an April 7 showdown. Roughly one-third of Chicago's wards are headed for City Council runoffs — more than the city saw in 2011. That magic number of 50-percent-plus-one-vote was too tough a threshold for a lot of aldermen.

So what did voters say? There's a lot of disgruntlement, and it's not just with Rahm Emanuel.

Voters held back a handful of veterans. Barring some change in the numbers, Emanuel's vice mayor on the City Council, Ald. Ray Suarez, is headed for a runoff. So are Ald. Willie Cochran and Ald. John Pope, who had been expected to win outright. Ald. Rey Colon...